Orthotics Take Foot Pain Out of Sports

Prevent Discomfort

Anyone who participates in sports on a regular basis is incurring a lot of wear and tear damage in their knees, ankles and feet. A good pair of orthotics can help to prevent chronic foot pain that can sideline an athlete for a few games or an entire season. The feet are two very complex body parts with an assortment of tiny bones connected with tendons, cartilage and muscles. In between all of these harder structures, there are numerous sensitive nerves that can become inflamed or pinched while jumping, running or walking. 

Sport Specific Inserts

An athlete requires a certain variety of orthotics for each sport because a particular movement places a different type of stress on the feet. A podiatrist who specializes in caring for diseased or injured feet understands the type of shoe inserts required for a marathon runner, football player or bicycle rider. Alternatively, someone who is engaging in high jumps over hurdles needs a different variety of orthotics. Not only does an athlete require shoe inserts designed for particular sports, but they also need to have custom-made arch supports, heel cups or cushioning pads. 

Customized Orthotics 

The inexpensive shoe inserts found at many brick-and-mortar stores are not made to protect the problems in each foot. An athlete may have one foot that is slightly larger than the other foot, or perhaps, a bone has been broken in one foot and requires extra protection to prevent inflammation and pain. To ensure each foot is protected, an image of both the right and left foot must be taken to create customized orthotic devices that are appropriate for playing sports.