How Runners Benefit from Custom Orthotics

Runners are some of the most common users of custom shoe insoles. Since there are so many athlete out there that rely on orthotics for running, it's time to cover this specific area and understand why there is such a high demand for these insoles. 

The First Steps

Orthotics have come a very long way since they were first introduced. An article by Runners Connect looks at how orthotics really focused on the pronation paradigm. This is used to describe when a person's ankle rolls in while they are running, causing a number of injuries. Research looked at how shoe inserts could alleviate the problem, but there were too many elements to consider (such as the slant of the heel or arch of the foot) for each runner. On top of all this, there wasn't any evidence that pronation was even the root cause for the injuries that runners were experiencing.

The Custom Touch

Things all changed in 2001 when Benno Nigg released a paper that directly linked pronation and orthotics. Further studies by other researchers revealed that 75% of 347 runners were able to recover after using custom orthotics. However, there were counterarguments that runners were not recovering effectively when using orthotics. The main difference is that orthotics that were designed for specific runners had a higher rate of success. As long as the custom orthotic insert was designed for the runner and it provided them with a preferred path of motion. If this was achieved, runners were able to run for longer periods of time without injury.

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