How Knee Pain Relief and Custom Orthotics Go Hand in Hand

Custom orthotics can help alleviate a number of different ailments, and knee pain is one of the most common problems that people have. However, very few people are aware of the fact that their knee problems can go away with the right orthotic insert. While it may not be the answer to everyone's knee pain, it is a simple solution that can prevent you from having to pay for costly surgery or other medical supplies. 

Causes for Knee Pain

Knee pain is a very common problem that people have because so many different factors can contribute to it. Medline Plus outlines these as being just some of the causes for knee pain:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Torn ligaments
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Bursitis
  • Baker's Cyst

A lot of the pain in the knees comes from an unbalance of pressure on the foot. This twists the knee and repeated actions can irritate the knee and cause pain. While even the best orthotic inserts won't be able to help with the worst cases of knee pain, it's a preventative step that a lot of people can benefit from before they agree to a painful surgery. 

How Ortotics Helps with Knee Pain

There is no clear way to determine if an orthotic insert will help you will your knee problems until you see a specialist. However, there are a few key areas where these inserts will help you with your knee pain. Here are just some of the ways that orthotic inserts can help you overcome knee pain.

Weight Displacement - Orthotic insoles help distribute weight to the bottom of your feet so that stress isn't as intense on your ankle and knee. They can also limit motion to ensure that you don't roll your ankle or twist your knee into uncomfortable positions.

Absorb Shock - The best orthotic insoles have custom material to absorb shock and reduce stress. This can help your entire foot distribute pressure and reduce pain.

Makes Up for Structural Issues - If you have bio-mechanical or structural issues in your ankle and feet, orthotic inserts can help you with them and provide you with a natural walking or running solution.

Keep Your Body Balanced - When you walk or run, your ankle can roll away from your body's midline. This is known as supination and extreme cases of it can lead to knee pain as well as calluses or blisters. When you have the right orthotics, your foot will be in the best position at all times for a comfortable walking position.

Free Yourself from Knee Pain

If you suffer from knee pain, don't wait another day. Orthotic insoles are the easiest solution and can give you the pain-free life that you deserve. Whether you've been considering surgery or just want something more comfortable, out custom orthotic inserts will help you forget about your ailments and let you enjoy every day to the fullest.

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