Custom Orthotics for Tennis

It’s important that you have the best custom shoe inserts for tennis when you are on the court. Whether you play for fun or competitively, custom shoe inserts keep your feet from being prone to injury and lets you stay in the game for longer. Every athlete should have some custom orthotics in their shoes, especially when it’s a sport that has them on their feet for so long. See why you should consider custom shoe inserts for tennis, regardless of your skill level or ability.

Excess Stress on Your Feet

Most sports put a huge amount of strain on your feet. Whether it’s running, cycling, or playing tennis, you’re putting pressure on your foot so that you can push off with more force and move faster. The main difference with tennis is that you are stopping and pivoting in very short intervals. If you don’t have the right support, you can end up hurting your ankles, heels, or the bottoms of your feet. While it may only be a temporary pain right now, that can grow into something much worse if you don’t do something about it. 

Custom Orthotics Disperses Pressure

The main reason why so many tennis players use custom orthotics is because the inserts are designed to handle high volumes of pressure and stress. The materials used will move the pressure off of sensitive areas so that you’re not hurting your feet as you play. Unlike other orthotics, these materials are designed to withstand high amounts of movement and pressure. When you have custom shoe inserts in your tennis shoes, you’re increasing your mobility while decreasing the risk of injury.

The Custom Difference

There is a chance that you’ve tried sports orthotics before, but custom orthotics are very different. WiseGeek defines custom orthotics as specifically designed shoe inserts that are designed for comfort. From the very first layer of material, these inserts are molded to the shape and contour of your foot. No matter what type of foot ailment you suffer from, you’ll find relief with custom orthotics. Millions of people suffer from foot ailments, and custom orthotics for tennis will eliminate many of them in a safe and natural manner.

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