Custom Orthotics for Athletes

Many athletes rely on custom orthotics to gain an extra edge in a sport. Since there are so many athletes that use orthotics on a regular basis, it is necessary to take a closer look at this aspect of the industry.

Everyone's "Secret Weapon"

Custom fit orthotics can be used to help a cyclist reduce the amount of pressure on their feet and increase their overall efficiency. Orthotics for running can cushion a runner's foot and allow them to run for longer distances without suffering from shin splints or lose their balance. Orthotics can be created to help specific athletes to the best of their potential, and that means that it's a powerful tool in their arsenal.   

Helping Those in Pain

An interesting article by Howard Hillman on the O&P Edge, one of the leading resources for orthotics and prosthetics information, talked about his experience creating custom orthotics for athletes. He specifically recalls working with a local football prodigy who was 32 years old and 300 pounds. He suffered from a number of ailments, such as flat feet, chronic heel pain, and general pain in his feet. A closer look at the shoes and insoles he was wearing revealed that everything the football player wore had high arches and was the cause of this pain. By creating custom orthotics for the player, he was able to play for longer periods of time and even scored more touchdowns. Needless to say, the player ordered six more pairs of orthotics.

Find the Right Fit for You

Everyone's story is different, and you'll have to have the right orthotic inserts created for your needs. If you are an athlete and have been experiencing foot or back pain, be sure to look into custom orthotics and see if they will be the best fit for your needs. All athletes look at a way to give themselves an extra edge. Whether it's scoring more points or shaving precious seconds off of a personal record, USA Orthotics can help you be the star athlete everyone knows you are!