How much do custom orthotics cost?

One of the biggest questions that people have before they choose to purchase a custom orthotic insert is how much it will cost. Since everything is created specifically for your foot and needs, you might think that they will be very expensive to purchase and maintain. However, many discover that the price they pay for the comfort they receive is well worth it.

Orthotics for Common Foot Ailments

Our feet go through a lot on a regular basis, but a lot of different problems could be solved with custom shoe inserts. Our feet support our entire body, so it's very important how weight is distributed to prevent any further injuries or problems. While some issues can be changed by adjusting how you stand or walk, others are things that we are not in control of. Here are some of the most common foot problems that people encounter.

How Runners Benefit from Custom Orthotics

Runners are some of the most common users of custom shoe insoles. Since there are so many athlete out there that rely on orthotics for running, it's time to cover this specific area and understand why there is such a high demand for these insoles. 

Custom Orthotics for Tennis

It’s important that you have the best custom shoe inserts for tennis when you are on the court. Whether you play for fun or competitively, custom shoe inserts keep your feet from being prone to injury and lets you stay in the game for longer. Every athlete should have some custom orthotics in their shoes, especially when it’s a sport that has them on their feet for so long.

Orthotics for Dress Shoes

When you think about it, we put our feet into a number of different types of shoes. From casual shoes and sports shoes to dress shoes and high heels, there's no telling what type of footwear you'll be wearing when you walk out of your home. This poses a problem for people that need shoe inserts for their feet. Thankfully, there are custom orthotic inserts that can be found for any occasion, including dresswear.